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Who defines the facts?


May 22, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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The letter submitted by Gino Mariotti (“Why gas prices soar,” May 13) concludes as if “facts” contained in it have anything to do with Donald Trump and Make America Great Again.

Typical of the Democrat talking points of today, the writer starts off with an absolute falsehood, stating that the president “recommended an absurd $1 per gallon increase” in the federal gas tax. Trump did say he would “consider” 25 cents while his chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, did suggest a 7 cent increase in an October 2017 meeting. The writer ignores these facts, including the rebuke published in the Washington Post by Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio, who declared the 7 cent increase as being “totally inadequate.”

He then follows the Nancy Pelosi objective to eliminate the Trump tax cuts with her ridiculous declaration that $1,000 to $2,000 is only crumbs to middle income Americans. He declares the U.S. Treasury bankrupt and attempts to link the Trump tax cuts for higher income Americans to the national debt, which had doubled from $10 trillion to more than $20 trillion during the Obama administration.

The next few paragraphs spoke of the high gas prices reaching $3.099 in April as somehow being an indicator that Republicans push policies to generate extreme inequality. For one, this lifetime Republican resents the leftists parroting this same trashy rhetoric on a daily basis. The absurdity of this premise and conclusion has been obvious for years although perpetuated by the national “fake news” ideologues. To illustrate, when the Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu suggested that gas prices needed to rise to European levels — $7 to $9 per gallon — I would suppose that $3.099 would not have seemed very expensive, but this is ignored by Democratic “fake” news.

For the purpose of understanding, it is the content of the writer’s letter and the Democratic propagandists that have given America Donald Trump such that we have a chance to Make America Great Again.

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