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Support the Second

May 17, 2018 Letters to the Editor

Regarding “Sheriff sticks to his guns” (April 20, Page 1) I am disheartened by the reactions.

As a Navy veteran and civilian contract worker for 20-plus years, I am aware of the Second Amendment — as well as the many others. Everyone should read them. Kudos to Sheriff Mike Slupe for supporting it as he does. As sheriff, he has a high position to fill, and an obligation to follow our Constitution.

I totally agree with his stand for the Second. A leader once said, “to take over a country, you must first disarm its citizens.” The founding fathers knew this, and the Second Amendment is to protect us.

Somehow his point got sidetracked by how much additional cost may be incurred. This seems a bit ridiculous, as supporting the Second Amendment has nothing to do with cost. Nor does a business supporting it not affect the cost. No doubt many places support it, those who don’t lose my business too. Luckily we do have a choice, thanks to our Constitution.

Before complaining about something one knows so little about, maybe folks need to educate themselves.