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Slupe makes it personal

April 25, 2018 Letters to the Editor

An April 20 article reported Sheriff Mike Slupe had ordered his deputies “not to patronize airlines, hotels and rental agencies that have announced a boycott or cut ties with the National Rifle Association.” (“Sheriff sticks to his guns,” Page 1). I’m not so sure this is proper for an elected official to give such an order. To me it seems like it’s a personal boycott on his part.

I have nothing to do with the NRA. I do not own a gun nor have any intentions of owning one. I have friends and family members who hunt and own guns — they are responsible gun owners. I’m not saying all guns should be outlawed, either.

One of the duties of the sheriff’s office is to extradite people who are wanted in Butler County but are apprehended in other parts of Pennsylvania or the country. Sheriff Slupe listed many companies that own car rental agencies, hotel chains and several airlines, which he has ordered his deputies not to patronize.

My feelings are that all offices in the Butler County Government Building should be getting the best price they can get on airlines, hotel, car rentals, etc., and use those companies.

These elected officials should not be boycotting a business because this business has taken a stand against the NRA. To me, it’s a personal thing with the sheriff and should not even enter into his running his office. He has ask his deputies to be responsible with the expenses, something I hope they have always done.

We, the taxpayers in Butler County, can only hope the deputies find and use the best prices, no matter what the company’s policy is with the NRA.