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Faith, values

April 21, 2018 Letters to the Editor

Paul Mango has told the people of Pennsylvania that he and his campaign are focused on “Faith, Honesty and Family Values.” With his latest actions, Paul Mango is proving that he is nothing more than a typical politician.

Mango has become desperate in his quest for the governor’s office. Last week he released a cartoon-style ad targeting Scott Wagner.

These are the kind of false, personal attack ads that make people sick of politics. They don’t help our democratic process. One of the major reasons most people don’t go out to vote is because they get sick of the name-calling, mudslinging, and all of the lies from politicians.

Paul Mango should focus on telling voters why he should be governor rather than tearing down and telling lies about other people who get in his way.

Clearly honesty is not one of Paul’s core values.

The 8th Commandment of the Bible says that “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Not only is Paul Mango breaking this Commandment, he is spending millions of dollars to do so.

A candidate truly running with “faith” as a pillar of their campaign would not have released an ad like this. Shame on Paul Mango.

Vote for a man who will actually share our values. Vote Scott Wagner on May 15th.