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Constituents forgotten

April 20, 2018 Letters to the Editor

I have been a resident of Cranberry Township for nearly 40 years and an active voter the entire time. The time has come to speak up about Rep. Daryl Metcalfe.

I recall when Metcalfe was seeking office for the first time, 20-some years ago. Due to the then-current office holder not seeking re-election, Metcalfe had no incumbent opposing him. However, he did speak frequently about how that representative displayed the negative attributes of someone who had been a “career politician” and how this was not in the interests of the citizenry. Metcalfe expounded clearly, even if not eloquently, on the concept of a “citizen-legislator” who would serve altruistically for a few years and then resume his “regular” life, without expectation of long term retirement and health care benefits.

Now, his own words condemn him.

Because the current legislative district is structured as a “safe seat,” he most likely cannot be voted out. Primary elections show very limited voter participation, and a Democrat can have faint hope of winning in the general election for this district. Metcalfe now demonstrates contempt for the constituency. His underhanded tactics as chairman of the House committee responsible for HB 722, dealing with restructuring the redistricting process were power politics of the worst kind. He repeatedly refused to even consider the bill because he “wasn’t interested.” He finally scheduled a late notice meeting on the bill, introduced an amendment that completely reversed its core purpose and then held a vote without permitting any discussion. This serves only the current political structure.

Metcalfe was elected to serve the interests of his constituents, not only what “interests” him personally.

Additionally, at a recent Town Hall meeting, he is quoted as saying “the Cranberry Township supervisors don’t represent my constituents.” How can that even be possible? If I live in Cranberry Township, and the township falls within his district, then I am one of his constituents for state-level affairs and the supervisors for township matters. He needs to remember that his constituents are everyone living in the district, not just those who support his views.

Metcalfe is no longer effective in serving the needs and aims of the all residents of his district. If he cannot be voted out of office, then he has an obligation to resign and permit someone else to serve the people.