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Driven to extremes

April 17, 2018 Letters to the Editor

My generation (1960s) generally had access to firearms as youths and we used them safely and responsibly. David Hogg and all the other students who have come out for the elimination of certain legal firearms and taking away a constitutional freedom/right/guarantee need to step back and reconsider. I applaud their passion and idealism, but the reality is that guns are not the problem. People bent on harming others will use knives, bombs, cars and other things to do violence.

In recent months, London has exceeded New York City for murders, and it has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

Young people need to channel their energies into changing the world around them. Do not tolerate the conditions that devalue life. Boycott the entertainment industry that feeds them immoral and violent content, reach out to other kids that have issues and problems and help them. Accept personal responsibility and accountability for your lives. When it’s your turn, be committed husbands, wives and parents. Show the proper respect for authority and others (don’t brag about hanging up on the White House). Look deep into the issues that you are passionate about. Volunteer to help out in your community — be a mentor, help the elderly, spend time at a humane shelter, be involved in youth groups, church groups and your school clubs. Don’t let yourself become a pawn of either the far left or right. Be your own person; be honest with yourself and with others. Be informed, be educated and keep a balance in your life.