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Good proposal


March 14, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I am a Republican and a conservative. I could not believe my ears when I heard our Governor suggest changes to the legislature. Under a proposal put forth by Gov. Wolf, public officials would be subject to a gift ban, new campaign finance limits would be enacted, lawmakers would need to provide receipts for reimbursements, and top state officials wouldn’t be paid until a complete budget was passed every year.

What a great start!

Will this end up as so many proposals, never enacted or heard about again? Over the years many Governors have run on reducing the size and making accountable the legislature. For many reasons it never happens.

I wish I could have just submitted a voucher for any amount and got paid without receipts. How about legislators getting paid when the budget isn’t done on time but not paying the rest of the government! No wonder we never have the funds to balance the budget.

Governor, if you can pull this off you’ve got my vote. Please don’t stop there.

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