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Flecken barred from all Butler schools

February 20, 2018 News Extra

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Bryan P. Flecken

Butler School District has obtained an injunction to prevent terroristic threats suspect Bryan P. Flecken from coming within one mile of any Butler school.

“… Defendant’s comments were a threat to inflict injury on another person,” the injunction reads. “… Defendant’s comments created a reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or offensive contact in the victims or potential victims …”

An anonymous tip led authorities in Allegheny County to charge the former Butler School District student on Friday after police say he posted online threats to “shoot up” the district. Flecken, 28, of Bridgeville, allegedly told police he was joking. He is now in the Allegheny County Jail on $250,000 bail.

The affidavit of probable cause states that the conversation included comments about gun control, to which Flecken replied that “Nobody gives a (expletive). I’ll prove it. I’m gonna buy 34 rifles and shoot up my first place of employment ... how about next Wednesday ... about 2:30. I bet (expletive) no (expletive) police or fbi even THINK of tracking me down. Nobody cares. Big brother is comatose.”

Police, along with FBI personnel, went to Flecken’s home where he acknowledged he made some “less than colorful comments” on Facebook, the document states.

Flecken cooperated with the investigation, showing officers his phone, where police observed other comments from Flecken, including, the specific threat of “Gonna shoot up: Butler JHS, IHS, or Sr. High??”, the document states.

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