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Congress negativity


January 23, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Keeping company with people who constantly express negative viewpoints wears thin. Being around such people leads one to gradually avoid them.

Positive attitudes and actions are more conducive to attracting positive attention. Habits are hard to break. Change is hard to accept. Negative responsives not only drive others away, but can actually harm the actors themselves.

Politically speaking, negative news and attitudes constantly expressed by elected people in power can result in the general public turning off the drama. The art term “dynamic equilibrium” can be understood as riding a bicycle: once you stop pedaling, the bike falls over. You go nowhere! Sound familiar? Negative thoughts and actions result in going nowhere. Can our elected Congress adopt more positive, “can do” attitudes, not the “can’t do” attitudes? Time after time such reported negative positions turn away former supporters.

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