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VA wouldn’t have been hurt by federal government shutdown

January 22, 2018 News Extra

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No veterans who are receiving treatment or using programs through the Veterans Administration would have been impacted by the recent federal government shutdown.

Word out of Washington Monday is Senate Democrats have agreed to end the shutdown.

The VA would not have been affected by a shutdown because it is funded one year in advance, Dwight Boddorf, public affairs officer at the Abie Abraham VA Health Care Center, said Monday.

Ed Mauk, CEO of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Butler County, said the federal funding for the Section 8 and public housing programs was received and distributed as usual. But if the shutdown had continued through Feb. 1, Mauk said the partial rental funding for 1,300 Section 8 families would likely not arrive at the authority and therefore not be distributed to the landlords who own Section 8-approved apartments.

The authority also would not receive the funds for the 450 families living in public housing. Mauk said the funding pays the difference between the amount paid by renters and the cost of running the public housing program.

Mauk expected the shutdown to be short lived and not affect the authority or the families who rely on the funding.

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