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Fury and falsity


January 10, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I just finished reading the column (“Tell-all book confirms Trump’s flaws,” Jan. 8) by Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group. She blatantly endorses the book, “Fire and Fury,” whose author Michael Wolff has had published, and there Ms. Parker supports and languishes on some of Wolff’s reporting.

The reports, of course, are anti-Trump bias. Anything of merit — the struggle to regain America first, the economy, the tax cut, jobs, jobs, jobs is totally ignored. I used to believe that reporting the news had to be unbiased, to be honest. It now seems to be otherwise. I wonder why I used the word blatantly?

Maybe some of the 200 interviews that Ms. Parker refers to that Wolff reports to have done within the White House and possibly elsewhere were with people reaching for their 15 minutes of fame. We will never know as long as the anti-Trump bias continues. The freedom of the press should be like the blindfolded lady of justice. Just the truth.

Both parties are guilty, you might say, and of course you would be right. My ties lie with the conservatives, but I don’t follow blindly. I search for whatever is real.

I haven’t read the book “Fire and Fury” though I shall. I know that the president at times leaves a person to wonder about his choice of style and words, yet he is my president. I am proud to be an American, my flag flies at high mast, and I am proud that he is in Washington and leading our country.

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