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He should resign


December 9, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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The Dec. 7 headline was shocking yet sadly, not unexpected. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has a long history of bizarre behavior that has shamed the office he occupies and disrespected his constituency. This recent homophobic tirade has garnered ridicule on a national level.

As a longtime resident of Pennsylvania’s 12th legislative district, I can steadfastly say that enough is enough. Metcalfe no longer represents my interests. He has spent nine terms in office but has little to show for his service. He has wasted his time and our tax money fighting battles that support his tired, politically-driven ideological positions which in no way benefit his constituents. Even members of his own party have shunned him. Because he lacks the respect of his peers and the people he supposedly represents, he can never be an effective leader in our state government.

Clearly, it is time for him to go. I call on Metcalfe to resign his office immediately and make room for new, effective representation and leadership for our district. Further, I call on both parties to field viable candidates in 2018 to replace him.

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