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Metcalfe mayhem

November 16, 2017 Letters to the Editor

Claiming the involvement of nefarious outside groups who allegedly support the efforts to more fairly draw up state legislative and congressional boundaries, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe plans to bottle up HB722 despite the sheer number of residents (taxpayers) who support it.

Let’s be frank: the Republican leadership under House Speaker Mike Turzai does not want this bill released for a committee vote, or (more importantly) for a vote by the House. This would put all House members on record as either supporting fair and reasonably drawn districts, or supporting the current system of bizarrely drawn districts designed to ensure one-party rule.

Claiming fake outrage over “paid protesters” as an excuse to bottle up this bill is disturbing because the true reason is much more ominous. Maintaining one party rule in state government and preventing his colleagues from going on record to maintain this current rigged system is the real reason.

C’mon, Mr. Metcalfe. Do your job and represent the people of your district and the commonwealth, not your party bosses like Turzai. You work for us (supposedly) and not him. As a legislator known for the exorbitant amount of per diems you collect, and for the large amount of campaign contributions you receive from out of state PACs and D.C. lobbyists, I think you have lost sight of your taxpayer paid job as our representative.