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Take a hike

November 16, 2017 Letters to the Editor

I am beyond appalled and bewildered at the recent action taken by the Butler Transit Authority concerning their new routing policy.

I live in a senior housing complex near Alameda Park. Recently we were informed that the powers that be at BTA took upon themselves to change the pickup locations for the No. 5 bus. Quite a few of our residents do not drive and struggle to even walk, but have depended on the local buses to get them to Walmart, their banks, and various appointments over the years. Some use canes, walkers and some just struggle with various medical conditions. Now they’ve been told they have to walk with these issues up the road, up a hill with no sidewalk from Alameda Park entrance to the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe to catch the bus (which isn’t always on time) and exit the bus at the same spot carrying groceries etc. How could it possibly affect your cost efficiency that much to come two more minutes down The Hill to the entrance of the senior complex as they have always done. Winter is fast approaching and these seniors with their disabilities shouldn’t have to walk that far at any time, let alone the bitter cold and ice along the road side! Does BTA have any heart or compassion whatsoever that it can’t go two minutes further to the park entrance to pick up these people who have given their lives to this community for 60-plus years? Does a two-minute difference in route really make or break your company? Because it will make all the difference to these seniors who will be unable to access the transportation they are able to use to keep themselves self sufficient.

Please consider the elderly and the people your changes are not simply inconveniencing, but also endangering. Bring the No. 5 bus back to Park Manor Apartments.