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Local woman nears 112th birthday

October 15, 2017 Digital Media Exclusive

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Lucy Treccase gets a candy bar at the snack bar at Concordia

JEFFERSON TWP — When Lucille “Lucy” Kelly Treccasse was born in 1905 Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States and the Russo-Japanese War had been recently concluded. Transportation was by horse and wagon, and the Wright brothers' third airplane had stayed aloft for just 39 minutes.

Friends and relatives gathered Sunday at Concordia's Lund Care Center to wish Treccase a happy 112th birthday.

Treccase said the party was a bit premature. She was actually born Oct. 18, 1905, in Foxburg, the third daughter and fifth child of James and Mayme Kelly.

“We moved to Butler, and I was in the first class at the new Butler High School on North Street,” she said.

She graduated from high school at the top of her class and was immediately hired as a secretary at the Bantam Co.

People who were coming to the party included Treccasse's relatives, her grandniece, Karenjean McMillan of Las Vegas and McMillan's daughter Allison Lull and her husband, Greg, of Los Angeles; her great-nephew, Kenny Dehus of Fox Chapel and his sons, Kai and Rai; and another great-nephew, Kelly Dehus of Michigan.

No doubt her kin will be asking for advice on how to live to be 112.

She advised moderation.

Treccasse said, “I never smoked, that's the main thing. All I drink is a little bit of beer, a half a bottle never hurt anybody.”

A full story appears in the Community section of Monday's Butler Eagle.

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