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Weakening elections

October 14, 2017 Letters to the Editor

The requirements for voting are simple and clear: You must be a United States citizen, you must be 18, incarcerated felons cannot vote.

Pennsylvania accepts absentee ballots following certain criteria. There is no early voting. Pennsylvania had a voter ID law but it was struck down in 2014. The General Assembly continues to have countless bills introduced and sponsored by special interest and civil liberty groups that are intended to fundamentally change voter access and election outcomes under the guise of “voting reform.” These groups are pushing hard to redistrict (aka gerrymander) and centralize votes as well promote no excuse absentee ballots and early voting.

Voter registration is free and accessible to every 18 year old citizen from numerous federal, state, and local venues as well partisan groups. Pennsylvania currently respects local municipalities’ right to hold local elections by registered voters. The Butler County Bureau of Elections has on its website voter requirements, poll locations, and other relevant voter information. I get the impression that too many of these groups want to confuse and complicate this process so that the average voter’s rights gets lost in a bureaucratic web of regulations. Every item on their agenda raises questions.

On early voting: How do we ensure the integrity of the individual vote?

No excuse” absentee voting opens the door to early voting and questionable accountability.

“Regional Voting Centers” deny the local municipalities of the 10th Amendment right and individual citizens their 9th Amendment right.

By introducing more convoluted regulations into the voting process we are weakening the integrity, character, and accountability of a 241-year-old concept that has stood the test of time.