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Phantom ticket

October 13, 2017 Letters to the Editor

Thank you to all the wonderful citizens of Butler for calling The Honorable William T. Fullerton’s office, the mayor’s office, and the chief of police’s office in protest for treating a U.S. Army veteran of 24 years and a visitor to your friendly city in such a harsh and unforgiving manner.

It all was done to no avail. I never received a ticket in the first place. After writing to the above listed individuals and paying the initial cost of a ticket (which I never received), I received a letter demanding I pay an additional $52.00.

Perhaps my out-of-state license plate made me a convenient target for more revenue.

At election time, you may want to elect people who care about visitors and veterans, and who want to present Butler as an inviting town that would encourage people to visit and spend their money.

I wonder how many other visitors from out of state have been treated so harshly. Wouldn’t it be better to follow up with a reminder letter that a ticket had not been paid, rather than the first communication threatening to issue a warrant for arrest if the ticket wasn’t paid? In my case, I never got the ticket that was supposedly placed on my car.

There is no doubt that you have lost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars because of your thoughtless elected leaders and their appointed cronies.