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Proper justice

September 16, 2017 Letters to the Editor

It seems like no matter what crime you commit in Butler, all you have to do is take a plea deal and you get off with probation.

You can even be caught on video molesting children and walk. You can lead police on a high-speed chase, endangering traffic workers and children and walk away free with an unsecured $10,000 bail. I’d sure like to know what the purpose of unsecured bail is. But I digress.

I just returned from a trip to Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Wash., and came across this headline in their local paper: “Lewellen pleads guilty to vehicular homicide.” I read the article, and to my great surprise and delight, found that he was sentenced to the maximum sentence plus an additional three years in prison! He was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when he was speeding, crossed the center line and killed a woman.

To the Butler county judges and District Attorney’s Office: that’s how you do it!