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Rosebud idles mines

January 5, 2016 Digital Media Exclusive

By Associated Press

----:KITTANNING — Rosebud Mining is idling most of its Pennsylvania coal mines, putting 429 miners temporarily out of work.

---- Jim Barker, vice president of the Kittanning-based company said he hopes the workers will be called back in February.

---- In the Butler County area, Rosebud operates the Long Run mine in western Armstrong County, the Logansport mine in southwestern Armstrong County and the Beaver Valley mine in Beaver County.

---- Barker blames the temporary shutdown on unseasonably warm weather in November and December, which decreased demand for coal at power plants it supplies.

---- Also low natural gas prices prompt utilities to burn more gas when available than coal.

---- Rosebud operates 20 underground Pennsylvania coal mines, and only a few are staying open for maintenance projects during the furlough.

---- Barker says the mines have to cut production until cold weather increases the demand for coal.

---- In October it had 1,180 total workers in several states.

---- Rosebud is the third largest coal producer in the state.