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How many supervisors

August 20, 2014 Letters to the Editor

Is it just me or is something fishy going on with what seems to be the attempted rigging of the number of supervisors of Adams and Middlesex townships? You have two people in the same camp attacking from two different directions.

First, there is Adams resident Charles Clark thinking the township will be better served with three supervisors. After all, five supervisors are way too many for a growing township like Adams. And then there’s Middlesex resident Crystal Yost, who feels Middlesex would be better run with five supervisors. After all, three supervisors just can’t get the job done.

They have opposite opinions on how many supervisors it takes to run a township. But, they both have the same mission: To twist the townships specifically to their own agendas. Clark, who loves to throw out petitions (not his first rodeo) knows how to work the minority numbers to his favor. With 8,854 voters in Adams, you need only 442 to file a petition. They filed 491 names. I would bet 60 percent to 70 percent of the signatures came from a home with the minimum of a husband, wife, and potentially an older child of age. With 3,008 voters in Middlesex, you need only 150 to file petition. Wow! They got 243 signatures. I’m now ready to double down my bet from where those names came from, too!

It’s scary that these two people, who spearheaded the removal of five supervisors, want to step over the 8,000-plus Adams Township voters who voted for the supervisors to serve their full terms. I guess the majority of voters shouldn’t count. Clark and Yost want to fire all five supervisors and then make them run again for only three positions. Who’s next on the hit list: mayors, council members, judges, and anyone else who is voted by the people for an elected position?

In my book, it’s just plain unconstitutional to remove elected officials who have done nothing legally wrong. For the 23 years that I’ve lived in Adams the supervisors have done a great job in making the township a special place to live. Clark claims, “The behavior of the supervisors is atrocious.” Normally, I would politely agree to disagree. But, I find their devious actions atrocious.