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Postal ultimatum

March 28, 2014 Letters to the Editor

On March 22 my father received a note from our postal carrier advising him to move his mailbox by March 24 or his mail would be withheld. Days earlier, he and other residents on Center Avenue received notices that they had to install a box at street level. My father’s wall-mounted mailbox on his house had suddenly become “unsafe to reach,” without specifics given as to the alleged newfound dangers of delivery despite his receiving mail at its present location, without incident, at least since the 1970s.

Two calls to the post office provided only vague statements about obstructions to the carrier’s line of travel found on other properties that they did admit were not on my father’s property. Also, I was told that he had until summer to move the mailbox.

It seems no one at the Post Office can say why they are simply not withholding mail from the addresses with the obstructions versus from properties, like my father’s, that have no obstructions. However, I suspect that the issue is not true hazards, but rather the mail carriers’ desire to increase their convenience regardless of inconvenience to their customers.

I have no prior ill will towards the Postal Service; in fact, my uncle worked for the Postal Service and his uncle was a past postmaster in Butler. However, one cannot respect any “service” that acts so capriciously and whose members believe it is acceptable to threaten its customers with a “do this or else” attitude.