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Mental health woes

January 18, 2014 Letters to the Editor

The mental health system in this country is in dire need of an overhaul.

Recently I was sent to Western Psych for treatment. I sat 17 hours in the waiting room and still no beds were available. One fellow had been there three days, sleeping in the waiting room.

While waiting, I did not get my medications on time; they gave them to me 14 hours late.

I witnessed a few folks get turned back out on the street, in tears, because there was no room.

Mental illness is a serious problem that no longer can be ignored. While folks are blaming guns for shootings, it’s actually mental instability that is to blame.

When a mentally disabled person seeks help, yet does not get it, he or she turn to self medicating — drugs, alcohol. This causes the crime rate to skyrocket.

We need more mental health treatment facilities in this area. Butler and Kittaning hospitals arent enough. Western Psych has only 400 beds.

I have started a petition at ipetitions.com to get a 500 bed facility built in our area. I will be in contact with our represenitives also. I encourage everyone to go and sign my petition, and call your represenitives too. Thank you for letting me get this out there.