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An advent thought


December 7, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, hope and giving, when families are together in love.

How did it become a time of sadness, loneliness and materialism instead of a season to rejoice for the end of darkness?

Are you sad because you cannot be with those you love? Where was the holy family on that first Christmas? Many miles from home with no place to rest. Where were the magi? How far from their homes?

Are you distressed because you are hounded by enemies, perhaps ones of your own making? What king was hunting for the innocent baby Jesus intending to kill him?

Are your gifts inappropriate? What would a baby to do with hard, cold jewels or incense to burn? He needed a fire for warmth. Myrrh, a bitter perfume, would irritate his little nostrils and tell him of coming pain before he has known the pleasures of life.

Can’t communicate with your spouse, friends or family? Jesus’ parents needed an angel go-between in their most important conversations.

Tired of the incessant Christmas carols? Try sleeping in a cold, smelly barn with lowing cattle and bleating sheep — and a host of angels singing at the top of their voices.

A bleak picture? No. Picture the faces of the holy family and their guests. They do not see the roughness of the stable, notice the smell of the animals or hear the cacophony of bawling beasts.

Love has blessed and warmed them. Giving has replaced their greed for gifts for themselves. The babe has filled their hearts with warmth and peace. Nothing more is needed. Their tomorrow will not be a letdown. They will carry the peace of this night in their souls till the day they meet Jesus in Heaven.

Nothing has changed but everything has changed.

God love you and bless you.

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