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Watch your wallets

October 11, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Regarding front page stories “Schools face financial woes; Pensions, retirement expenses leave districts in hole,” (Aug. 25) and “Contract will be reopened; Butler teachers, board to discuss 1-year deal,” (Sept. 3).

Federal workers have had a wage freeze for several years. People on Social Security for the past three years have had a two-year benefit freeze, and last year we got a 1.7 percent cost of living adjustment.

Meanwhile, Butler teachers in the past two years have had wage increases of more than 8 percent.

I’m no economist, but I would say a wage freeze or concessions would be in line.

Tom DeGeorge, president of the Butler Area Education Association, said he is looking to build on these increases.

He said teachers agreed to pay more for health care. That’s a laugh. People on the Medicare drug program supplement pay $356 a month out of their Social Security for their health care.

I think it’s time to freeze property tax rates when the property owner reaches 65 years of age.