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Here we go again

October 8, 2013 Letters to the Editor

All we hear is we need to raise the debt ceiling or the government will shut down, unable to pay bills.

According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, there is nothing else to cut. But if they did a line-by-line cut I am sure that there would be billions that could be cut from the federal budget. Instead, they keep saying the Republicans want to hurt the military, the elderly and children.

The House has passed a bill that funds everything but defunds ObamaCare. The Senate rejected it.

We vote for representatives so that they will do what we want. We the people expect them to work for us, but instead they work for themselves and do what will help their political careers. ObamaCare is one of the worst laws ever passed.Instead of helping us, it’s causing layoffs, reduced work hours, and companies refusing to hire additional employees. Health costs are already soaring.

The president’s promises about the health care law are being broken. He said if you like your health care and doctor, you can keep them. He said your premium will go down. I have yet to hear of anyone whose premium has gone down. Companies already are preparing for the law by reducing the number of employees to below 50 and cutting hours below 30 hours.

There have been many exemptions made. One waiver that should enrage everyone is that of federal workers including Congress. Why should they get a waiver? Why can they not live under the law that they passed? Even labor unions are not happy. They have indicated the health care bill is making coverage unaffordable. They also have said that this could be the end of the 40-hour work week.

If federal employees and large corporations are getting subsidies, why are we not getting them also? If Congress, its staffers and other federal employees cannot afford to pay the premiums, how can we? The people that this law was supposedly to help will be hurt the most. The House of Representatives has voted to defund the law. The Senate rejected it; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called it “dead on arrival.”

Instead of doing what is best for the country, the Senate again voted for themselves. If they had to be covered by this health care bill, you can bet that they would get rid of it. Sen. Rand Paul has proposed that all federal employees be covered by the plan. It is time that our representatives truly represent us and not themselves.