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No fan of Kelly

October 3, 2013 Letters to the Editor

On Monday night I saw a most disgusting sight.

My congressman, George Michael Kelly, came prancing off the voting floor of the House of Representatives, with his tongue sticking out, his jacket off and a grin on his face that showed off his continual arrogance.

I was embarrassed.

This man has voted again and again against bills that will allow women equal rights in regards to their health care and equal pay; and continues to delay on removing a law that will allow people with pre-existing health conditions to finally receive medical treatment that they would otherwise have been denied.

Republican or Democrat is not the point; humanity for all; every class, color, religion and economic status deserves the right to health care in this country.

Follow how he votes at: www.govtrack.us/congress/ members/mike_kelly412465.

I ask each of you who truly cares for your neighbor, friend or family member to follow this website and observe how Kelly really votes. If you follow it, you will find out that he is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Kelly represents District 3, which includes most of Butler County; his next election is in 2014 and his largest contributors have helped create a campaign war chest of more than $350,000 to help him win another term.

Be sure to read the bills he has sponsored and the ones he has voted against. Match his voting records against your concerns — and interests for all.

Another website you may find very interesting is: www.open secrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=N00031647#cont.