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No role model

September 25, 2013 Letters to the Editor

The Butler Eagle reported yet another episode (“CYS worker says Eckstein mistreated her,” Aug. 19) in the ongoing behavioral issues of Commissioner Jim Eckstein and his rude and disruptive office behavior towards dedicated female county employees.

An EEOC complaint by Joyce Ainsworth resulted in required behavior training; a complaint by County Clerk Amy Wilson resulted in $5,000 in taxpayer money to have a law firm review that issue; three other individuals have filed lawsuits for defamation of character. And now another county employee has filed a formal written complaint citing Eckstein’s verbal attack as “angry, aggressive, intimidating and hostile behavior” towards her.

The county also installed surveillance cameras and panic buttons on the government center’s fifth floor. And roaming deputy sheriffs now patrol the offices, all at taxpayers’ expense — because of the workplace behavior of one person, Jim Eckstein.

And Eckstein defends his behavior in the workplace?

Commissioner William McCarrier responded professionally in a letter to Eckstein, following up on the most recent employee complaint. As chair, he is required to take steps on any complaint. Ecsktein responded with a rambling, poorly written letter, with obscenities, defending his misbehavior and telling McCarrier to “put it where the sun doesn’t shine.” Eckstein distributed his letter.Professsional? Definitely not.

Eckstein also pointed out in his rambling, six-page letter that no one except the state Senate and the governor can reprimand him for his behavior. Eckstein is wrong, totally wrong — the taxpayers will address the issue in the next election.

I know many Butler County employees ... and I have not had one employee tell me they condone Eckstein’s behavior. Managers, row officers and rank and file employees are all appalled.

I want to say thank you to commissioners McCarrier and Dale Pinkerton for working closely with all 900 county employees to keep focus on the real business of the county. The dedication of this team of professionals is seen by most residents and is appreciated.

At the last meeting, Eckstein said county commissioners should be role models. Based on his many untrue statements at meetings, his twisting of facts, his behavior in the workplace, his treatment of others and his failure to keep his written election promises — he’s not a role model to anyone.

Butler County deserves more, much more.