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Munhall homeowner fatally shoots intruder

September 16, 2013 News Extra

MUNHALL, Pa. — Police say a Pittsburgh-area homeowner fatally shot an intruder in his garage today and that another man has been taken into custody after police say he was disorderly at the scene.

Allegheny County and Munhall police have yet to identify any of those involved in the incident about 1 a.m. today in the tiny suburb just east of Pittsburgh.

Police say the suspected burglar ran away and died in a nearby alley.

The second man was arrested after police say he heard about the shooting and ran to the scene to investigate while carrying a gun. Police don’t believe he was involved in the initial incident, but say he was taken into custody because he was disorderly.

It was not immediately clear whether the homeowner would face charges in the shooting.