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Salutes appreciated


September 7, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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We would like to thank and praise two groups: the residents of Evans City and the firemen and women of Cranberry.

On Aug. 23, the Missing In America Project and almost 200 veterans from Butler County and surrounding areas departed in the rain on 58 motorcycles and in 29 automobiles to transport the forgotten cremains of 10 Butler County veterans to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies. Among them were vehicles of the Pennsylvania State Police to lead and the Butler County Sheriff to protect the flank.

Those of us driving and riding in this group were not lacking for inspiration, but as we closed on Evans City ours was taken to a new level. It began at the Washington Trail Monument with the gentleman standing at attention in the rain while saluting with one hand and the American flag in the other. Upon descending down the hill into Evans City the unexpected sight was breathtaking. Also in the rain, on both sides of the street cheering residents were lined shoulder to shoulder the length of Main Street waving flags, emergency vehicles flashed red lights and police cars blocking for us.

Having seen things similar to this on U Tube videos; never was it expected to be seen and experienced personally. It brings chills up ones spine at the respect shown for the forgotten veterans and shows that patriotism is not dead in Butler County. Our hats are off to the residents of Evans City for that kind, inspiring gesture taking time from work or home as they stood in the rain cheering for veterans. Thank you Evans City!

A few miles further down our road; this time on I-79 passing through Cranberry, we came upon the massive 20 by 40 foot United States flag held on high over the lane that we passed through. At the base stood at least 10 solemn uniformed Cranberry firefighters, also in the rain, under the flag, standing in column at the roadside and saluting as we drove by. It was quite an experience, breathtaking, actually, and one that will be remembered for a long time. Thank you Cranberry!

We thank all of you who were involved in each phase of these acts of honor, dignity and respect.

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