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A national disgrace

July 30, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Legislation placing new restrictions on legalized abortion in Texas has been signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry. Pro-life advocates see victory. Pro-choice advocates decry the legislation as a denial of a woman’s right to choose.

I was not sure, at first, how to react to this news. The more I hear regarding the legislation, the more horrible the whole debate becomes.

Abortion is murder. Pro-lifers insist that no such murder should be committed after 20 weeks. Science confirms that is when the baby starts to feel pain. People who support the right to choose want no limitations on this murdering of children. The murder and destruction of babies in the wombs of mothers should be unrestricted, these people say. These people are pro-murder.

The safety of the mother’s womb has been invaded with chemicals, sharp instruments and suction tools. Mothers can pay others to have their babies killed.

If a mother should carry a baby to term, and then decide she no longer wants the child after a few months, should she be allowed to kill it?

Abortion is a national disgrace and a shame to our country and it must end.

The ancient Romans took unwanted or deformed babies up into the hills outside the city and abandoned them. If one is far enough away, the crying cannot be heard.