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July 13, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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After reading Dr. Michael Fiorina’s letter regarding his association with Dr. John Reefer, I felt compelled to add my personal comments.

Dr. Reefer treated my wife and me for nearly 15 years. Prior to that time I had a near-fatal heart attack and had open heart surgery. Butler Memorial didn’t have a cardiac department at that time so I had the procedure done at Allegheny General. After my recovery, I started to see Dr. Reefer on the advice of Dr. Ernest Moore, who was retiring.

That turned out to be some of the best advice I ever received. In the ensuing years, he was always there for us. Over the years he recommended several procedures, which improved my quality of life substantially. He wasn’t hesitant to recommend any other physician he felt could provide better care, and he did so on several occasions.

He struggled for weeks trying to find out what was the problem with my wife. She had been diagnosed by several specialists and was very ill. He found the cause of her problem and made her life much improved. I thank him for that and along with many other acts of exceptional care and professionalism.

I could go on for another page or two, but I’m sure my message is clear. Dr. Reefer started as my physician and ended as my friend.

Best of everything in your new position. We’ll miss you John Reefer.

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