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Angered by Metcalfe

July 5, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I grew up in Butler. I was born and lived there until I finished college. A friend still in Butler made me aware of the story involving state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. and I felt compelled to comment.

As reported, Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadephia, took the floor in the Pennsylvania House to comment on the United States Supreme Court striking down the key component of the Defense of Marriage Act, but was blocked by procedural moves orchestrated by several people including Metcalfe on the premise that it was a violation of “God’s Law”.

I am proud of where I grew up, but I am not proud of actions like these.

I would ask Metcalfe and his associates, what about separation of church and state? What about freedom of speech?

Whether one likes it or not, we are no longer a nation dominated by white Christian men — and that is a good thing as that is what led to the genocide of the native population of this country and the ugly era of slavery. We are one nation, but we are many cultures, religions and beliefs.

The Founding Fathers had a reason for including a separation of church and state. They understood the religious tenets of one group should not supercede the rights and liberties of any other.

The founding principles of this country are freedom and equality; do Metcalfe and his associates believe those should be selectively applied?