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Sound judgment, please

June 27, 2013 Letters to the Editor

How many people, other than everyone I know, are annoyed with the music restaurants and many retailers play?

I don’t understand why the management of these public places do not comprehend that when we are trying to relax and eat and have conversation or shop and talk, we do not want to compete with a radio (or TV), particularly when it is tuned to music where people are singing and commercials we don’t want to hear.

Have some common sense. If I have to talk loudly to hear myself, repeat my order to the waitress, or have others nearby hear my personal conversation, it’s too loud.

This is particularly a problem at any larger event venue, you spend the whole afternoon screaming to hear each other. Who needs music when there’s thousands of people and noise?

Do you want our business or not? I left a few places because of this issue, and some restaurants I won’t go back to.

How about music, and no lyrics, like [gasp] classical or light jazz?

Listen to what you want at home and in your car, but in a public place, it should be appropriate for all ages, relaxing and inviting.

You want us to enjoy our stay and come back, do you not?