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Campus guns bad idea


May 23, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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As a resident of Slippery Rock Township, I am appalled at Slippery Rock University allowing its students to carry guns on campus, other than in its buildings or at events (“SRU students discuss gun policy,” Sunday, May 19, Page 1). I realize this doctrine was handed down from the State System of Higher Education, but was it ever challenged by administrators or the faculty union? Why was it kept a secret? State System spokesman Kenn Marshall says it is for student safety. Baloney. Whose safety? How about mine as I walk across the parking lot or on campus?

Did the State System consult with borough governments in which the schools are located? Why was it kept a secret? How about a referendum at the polls, whereby the registered students, borough and township residents can vote on this issue? This issue deserves more input from everyone involved. Slippery Rock University and the other state institutions should challenge the legality of this law in that it affects more people than just students.

If it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. Slippery Rock is a wonderful place to live. It is beautiful, has nice peaceful places to eat and to do business. Other cities such as Butler, Farrell and Pittsburgh are plagued by shootings and murders. Guns are involved in almost all of these instances. Why encourage 8,000 students to carry guns?

Another suggestion I would like to make, is that since the NRA is promoting having armed guards in our schools, they should pay for hiring these armed guards. School boards are having a tough time balancing their budgets and now they have an added expense in hiring armed guards. The NRA is loaded with money and since they have promoted this project, let them help pay for it.

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