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Tax dollars at work


May 21, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Recently, I received a call from someone from the Butler County Treasurer’s office. This person was calling me because I had not sent in my $10.90 for two dog licenses, and it is now May.

She said she was preparing to give my name to a dog warden, and that he would come and fine me for having unlicensed dogs.

I have had dogs since 1982, a lot of them, and have always paid for their licenses. The last few years, I have been late in paying — as I am retired, and struggle with the increased costs of everything.

I told her that I would send the county the money, but I also gave her a piece of my mind.

Is the county so strapped for money that they pay someone to sit in front of a computer, look for unpaid dog licenses, and make threatening calls?

We have 12 million illegal Mexicans living in the United States, without Social Security numbers, paying few taxes, having no driver’s license, no insurance and sometimes committing other unlawful acts.

But the rest of us, who pay all the bills, pay all the taxes, obey every dumb law they enact, must have our dog license right up to date or they are coming after us.

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