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School taxes hurting


May 21, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Another property tax increase from the Butler School District. How much more do they think we can afford to keep paying?

It’s amazing how they keep raising our property tax every year like it’s nothing. They were going to raise the tax by 2 mills the last time, but instead they said they were going to “decrease” property tax by only raising it 1 mill.

They made it sound like we we’re getting a bargain. Now they are raising taxes 2 mills more — not even a year later.

Instead of the original 2-mill increase they wanted, now they slide in a 3-mill increase.

The comment by school board member Helene Abramowitz, saying, “people spend $85 a week on beer and cigarettes, so why can’t they spend $35 a year on education” is ridiculous. Who is she hanging out with?

She also needs to recalculate her figures. A 3-mill tax increase adds up to $105 a year, not $35 a year for the average homeowner.

And, when there is a vote that is as important as this is one, why were some board members absent?

Weren’t property taxes supposed to be lowered once the casinos were up and running in the state?

Who have the casinos benefited and where’s all that revenue?

Am I the only one who is completely fed up with this yearly crime of constant tax increases?

Quit putting people’s homes in line for sheriff sales.

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