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Give views in letters

May 17, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Due to the Butler County commissioners’ vote to eliminate one of their public comment periods at meetings, county residents should start writing letters to the editor to discuss issues with which the commissioners are dealing.

I’m sure many more people can write than would be permitted to speak at a meeting. And those wishing to speak at meetings only have three minutes to make their comments.

Letters to the editor will be of interest to taxpayers, even if the commissioners don’t read them.

When I read the May 9 front-page article “Construction manager hired,” it seemed evident to me that the commissioners aren’t always reading letters printed in the Butler Eagle.

The cost tied to that action was estimated at $327,034. Do we really have that kind of money, or are the commissioners paying for this manager with money out of their own budget?

The commissioners are really dense if they don’t acknowledge what the people want.

They should do the right thing and allow voters to decide whether to proceed with the proposed new office building.