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BAC change inevitable

May 16, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Well, it’s happening again. The call is going out to reduce the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit yet again — to .05 from .08.

The mere notion is crooked, amoral, uncalled-for and, sadly, inevitable.

Despite the fact that DUI incidents leveled off decades ago, this will be passed without incident, and it’s not for safer highways. It’s going to pass because of the people who will benefit from it.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving will once again be put in the limelight as crusaders for the greater common good, increasing donations to the organization.

Prosecutors will greatly increase the number of convictions they make in order to help them win elections in their own political careers.

Judges will be seen as right-minded heroes supporting the safety of everyone in their jurisdiction.

Mind you, this is coming from the same people who decided it was right and lawful to convict people of drunk driving, even though they were not drinking and driving at all.

My suggestion? Quit blowing smoke. We are heading toward a society that will, soon enough, have a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, making a .01 BAC an offense subject to prison time.

Let’s just make it so, and quit beating around the bush about it.

At this point, I don’t think they’re fooling anyone.