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Tune in to the ‘circus’


May 15, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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People are saying the best show in town is the “circus” at the Butler County commissioners’ meetings put on by Chairman Commissioner Bill McCarrier and his sidekick, Commissioner Dale Pinkerton.

McCarrier and Pinkerton have control of what goes on at the meetings because they have the two votes to do whatever they want to do, and regarding what takes place at the sessions.

Every meeting they have as their main act Itzi Meztli, Steve Hively and Jerry Johnston doing their three minutes of stand-up comedy. All they do is criticize Commissioner Jim Eckstein and say nothing about county government.

All the while the chairman and his sidekick do nothing but sit there and grin.

Now they want to keep Eckstein from speaking his mind by making a rule about time limits, which is against freedom of speech. Meanwhile, our so-called solicitor and our chief clerk just sit there and watch Meztli, Hively and Johnston criticize Eckstein.

If they would go back and check past meeting minutes, they would find that people were not permitted to attack county commissioners with personal issues. Now there is something to have a good laugh about.

Meztli and Hively are now saying they don’t want their names dragged into the public meetings when that is their comedy act.

And, get this: It might damage their integrity and credibility.

What a laugh. In my opinion, they lost their integrity and credibility a long time ago.

As Paul Harvey used to say, stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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