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No room to criticize

May 7, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Itzi Meztli is busy writing letters and going to county commissioners meetings to rant on his pre-judgment of Commissioner Jim Eckstein. He says Eckstein is guilty of all accusations, but offers no proof other than his words.

I don’t think Eckstein has been found guilty of anything yet by any court.

Previously, I wrote a letter to the editor stating that I had found a website ratemyprofessor.com that is used by students to communicate their thoughts to other students about college professors they might want to take or avoid. I found 42 comments about Meztli. Twenty-seven said he was very easy, eight said he was funny, 13 said he was anti-white, four said he rambles, five said he goes off topic, and four said he was awful.

Just like Eckstein, Meztli is paid by taxpayers. If the student comments are only half-true, I feel he hasn’t any room to criticize anyone for not doing a good job.

Using Meztli’s logic, all those accusations are true and he is incompetent as a teacher and should resign.

In a letter to the editor on May 2, Meztli and Steven Hively said “we are respectfully requesting that Eckstein refrain from dragging our names into the public arena of county meetings, as we could be potential witnesses in any future trial involving his defamation court cases.”

What a bunch of baloney. Those two guys have thrust themselves into the public arena and thrive on bashing Eckstein. Now if he responds, they get their feelings hurt.


Personally, I and many other people are bored with their act and get tired of their same half-truths and untruths every week.

I am tired of busy Itzi. Is he on salary?