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No prom for SR senior

April 30, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Slippery Rock High School is holding its senior prom on Friday. My nephew is a senior but will not be attending the prom because his application was a few days late.

He had surgery on March 25 and, after about two weeks of recovery, he returned to school on April 8.

He had not planned to attend the prom because he didn’t have a date, and the $90 cost, plus the tuxedo rental, were more than his parents, who struggle financially, could afford.

The deadline for prom applications was April 10. On April 12, a friend offered to attend the prom with him and I — his aunt — offered to cover the cost of the tickets and the tuxedo rental.

On April 15, he took his application to the principal’s office, along with $90, only to be told “sorry,” that his application was too late.

He was told by the assistant principal buses had to be ordered and that there was no room for him and his date.

My nephew has been dealing with kidney disease for the last three years, and because his immune system was compromised he has been in and out of Children’s Hospital many times due to illness.

But his health finally is improving and he was really excited about having the opportunity to attend the prom.

But now he is being denied that privilege.

Shame on the Slippery Rock administration!