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Article published April 24, 2013


Every week, The Cranberry Eagle will spotlight a local educator, providing a glimpse into what makes them tick.

QUESTION: Why did you become a teacher?
ANSWER: Growing up, I was surrounded by an abundance of role models and, as I neared college, realized that one of the best ways for me to “give back” to the community would be in the field of education. I feel very passionate about the importance of a solid education and strive to instill the incredible power of learning into each of my students.
QUESTION: What is one sentence that sums up what you believe is the key to teaching?
ANSWER: There are many keys that unlock the door to successful teaching, thus it is difficult to narrow everything to simply one; with that said, setting high expectations and providing students with the necessary resources to achieve beyond those levels help to ensure learning at its peak.
QUESTION: When you’re not teaching, you most likely can be found doing what?
ANSWER: Outside of the classroom, I tend to spend a lot of my time with my fiancee; some of our notable outdoor activities include skiing and snowshoeing this winter. Other hobbies that I can classify as favorites include fly fishing, hunting with my dog, hiking, and playing racquetball. This winter, I may have caught “cabin fever” and am really looking forward to activities that take place in warmer weather.
QUESTION: What is one thing about you that likely would surprise your students?
ANSWER: One activity that surprises most people is that I enjoy making YouTube videos related to tying flies that represent natural insects (for fly fishing). I have been tying flies since I was in fourth grade and really enjoy utilizing my skills as a teacher to pass on this great hobby to others.

SCHOOL: Haine Middle School
GRADE: Sixth
SUBJECT: Science and social studies
EXPERIENCE: 12 years
FAMILY: Fiancee, Heather McQuillan (marriage planned in May); English pointer, named Sophia