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Toomey effort wrong


April 23, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Several months ago I wrote a letter to Pennsylvania’s federal lawmakers, asking how long it would be before they would consider new gun-control legislation. The answer came loud and clear from Sen. Pat Toomey and his proposed background-checks measure.

A crime was committed in Connecticut. The criminal took his mother’s guns and murdered children and teachers. He obeyed no law. His intent was killing.

Now, go back to Cain and Abel. Cain’s intent was murder, and the result was achieved by using a knife.

Did God not know this evil would occur? Why didn’t God just remove all knives from Earth?

The answer is simple. Man has free will.

Take away guns, knives and hammers, but you can’t take away intent.

The truth is that Connecticut now has armed officers at all schools, so now not only the criminals have guns.

Toomey’s background-checks legislation would not have stopped murder, and he knows it. Making law-abiding citizens part of national gun registration would not stop that evil act.

Why don’t we register all knives? When I put up more than 100 Toomey election signs in Butler County, I never dreamed he would support such bad legislation. He was dead wrong.

Can’t we just elect a politician who is happy protecting our liberties and the Constitution?

Maybe we the people should demand that our elected officials swear to uphold the Constitution.

Oh yes, they already do.

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