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Clean up the city


April 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Finally the weather is warming. The sweet smell of spring is in the air. For that we should be glad.

But to be out and about in the city of Butler and its neighborhoods and business areas is to see an eyesore of litter everywhere.

Our city officials want to start fining residents for tall grass and weeds and, during the winter, for failing to shovel snow from sidewalks.

That said, I am not opposed entirely to the city wanting to fine people who have their properties in such conditions. However, this city government does nothing about the litter that lies everywhere.

Near the City Building, which houses the offices of the mayor and members of the city council who propose these fines, are properties with litter, lying untouched on a daily and yearly basis.

Also, little is done about broken and cracked sidewalks, and there are streets that remain unrepaired for years.

Where are our taxes going?

The city talks about revitalization plans and projects. OK, revitalize. However, clean up and fix the areas that are the government’s responsibility to maintain.

Our government people must see to it that roads, streets, sidewalks and curbing are maintained in a timely way. Years shouldn’t pass before they’re fixed.

It is my opinion that this municipality is mismanaging the citizens’ tax dollars and is putting money into lesser projects that could wait until infrastructure that’s badly in need of fixing is repaired.

Main Street constantly is littered with trash. Why haven’t the mayor and city council fined those businesses where litter remains?

Business owners should send their employees out daily, or hire someone to clean up the litter.

Many sidewalks in the Main Street business district are cracked and have holes that are dangerous to pedestrians.

Why no fines?

It’s a disgrace to see how Butler in many ways has deteriorated to such deplorable conditions.

We have a drug problem and there are the lazy folks who take no pride in their properties, the city and its overall appearance.

Butler needs to attract sober citizens with strong ethics and morals. When that happens, improvements will start happening.

I appeal to Butler residents to work together on the city’s behalf. Until we all start working together, nothing will get done.

A clean city is a delight to live in.

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