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Redbank team lauded

April 20, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I’m writing to praise Redbank ballplayers and their coaches.

On April 11, my husband and I stopped for dinner at the Ponderosa restaurant near the Clearview Mall. We saw the Redbank bus there, but didn’t think what we could walk into.

The players were lined from the cash register to the door. We stood there for a minute and wondered whether the wait for us to be seated would be too long.

A coach asked if it was only the two of us, and when we said yes, he said to his players: “Boys, step aside and let them through.”

There wasn’t one negative remark from the team — not one.

We thanked them.

When they all got through the line, they sat and ate. They weren’t loud and did not act up.

The coaches can be proud of these young men. And the school can be proud of these coaches.

What a treat to know our kids can make us proud.