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Respect, protect life

April 10, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Rhetoric abounds these days when it comes to discussions about abortion, euthanasia and the granting of conscience protections on various issues, but much that is said is politically inspired and often based on pragmatic considerations only.

As an example of the latter, children in the womb often are deemed only a potential life. Because they are not out where they can be seen, they are deemed to be unproductive.

Likewise, a person who has grown old and cannot function very well is deemed to be unproductive.

In either case, because they are deemed unproductive, they may be destroyed either by abortion or by active or passive euthanasia.

The debate over conscience exceptions, whether it be with regard to the health care law or health care professionals and others, often is couched in political language.

All this is to say there is one question missing from the equation: What is it that makes life valuable?

The answer to that question is not to be found in opinions any of us might have. Rather, it is to be found in what the Creator of life has to say.

We may disagree with what Almighty God says on the subject, but that does not change the answer.

God says that man is made in His image. That is found in Genesis in the Bible.

Mankind is the only created being of whom this is said, so it must mean something — and it does. It means we are significant, we are important and so any attack on a human life, no matter how pragmatic a person’s reasoning might be, is an attack on what God has said and done.

This is why life is valuable and therefore why life must be treated with respect, no matter at what stage that life might be, from conception to the grave.