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Reject privatization

April 2, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I am in total agreement with Marilyn Mourer’s March 25 letter, “Too many big concerns.”

Privatizing the state lottery is absurd. Why should some company from the United Kingdom operate Pennsylvania’s lottery?

Does anyone really think that will be profitable and beneficial to Pennsylvania? I don’t think so.

The United Kingdom will benefit, but what about the senior citizens here whom the lottery is supposed to help? Farming out the lottery will cause loss of jobs and money to our state.

On the issue of the liquor stores, privatizing will definitely cause job losses. Selling the liquor stores might bring profit at first, but what about later on? The liquor stores, as they are now, guarantee jobs and a steady flow of revenue for the state.

In addition, are we going to have more underage drinking with a privatized system? We will be providing our young people with more opportunities, or locations, to purchase liquor.

Do we want to be responsible for more accidents in our communities?

In my opinion, we definitely will not have the variety or choice we have now.

How can a beer distributor, convenience store or grocery store offer all the selections we are accustomed to? Will the clerk in one of these establishments guide customers to the correct wine to accompany a dinner?

I think not.

In my opinion, the only reason for privatization is because someone stands to get a hefty kickback.

Mourer has the right ideas.