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Spay, neuter pets

April 1, 2013 Letters to the Editor

People should spay and neuter their pets. Do they believe they are not adding to the pet overpopulation if they find homes for all of their puppies and kittens? They should think again.

For approximately $120, the cost to spay and neuter pets, people can prevent:

(1) Pyometra, an infection in the uterus that leads to kidney failure, toxic shock and death.

(2) Ovarian and breast cancer.

(3) Feline leukemia, which is passed to kittens at birth.

(4) Prostate and testicular cancer.

Spaying and neutering also reduce aggression, roaming and spraying. Pets will live longer and healthier lives.

In shelters in the United States, 27,473 healthy puppies, kittens, dogs and cats are euthanized every day. What about the throwaways that are left to fend for themselves, or that are abused or used to fight?

What about the animals that are sold to research labs for testing cosmetics, gardening supplies and household products? The animals suffer every day until they die.

The end always is painful.

What about those that are sold to puppy mills? It is estimated that at least 5,000 puppy mills exist across the country, some even in Pennsylvania.

The animals are kept in filthy conditions — in rat-infested, feces-filled small coops and cages, only to breed.

They go without food and water for long periods of time. They are diseased, with no shelter from the elements. Cages are stacked on top of each other.

There is no medical care. They are living in hell.

The puppy millers knowingly breed dogs with hereditary and genetic defects, Every heat cycle, these poor little souls are bred, just so someone can make money.

After the dogs can no longer breed, they are shot or beaten to death, then thrown into garbage dumps or a ditch to rot.

Puppies end up in some pet stores.

All of the above information is true — the unspeakable and horrific acts that humans do to our precious animals.

These poor little souls were put on this earth for companionship and to be loved, not for evil people to make profits off them.

People must step forward to help stop these sick, inhumane doings. They should call a veterinarian and have their pets spayed and neutered.