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It’s time for reflection


March 30, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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During this time of Easter, people should reflect on themselves and things around them. We read about everything going on in the world.

I pray that people read this with the love and urgency intended.

Jesus died to save us. God gave us free will. He accepts us right where we are. He can’t wait forever, though, because He promised Jesus would return, and God keeps His promises.

As told in Revelation, seven seals will be opened. It seems some already have been opened.

The first seal releases the spirit of deception. What happened to truth in advertising?

Responsible authority no longer acts responsibly, but greedily and selfishly.

The second seal releases the spirit of bloodshed. There always have been wars, but the actual “spirit of bloodshed” is seen in daily “entertainment” and news.

The third seal releases famine and disease. Flu and other diseases are resisting antibiotics.

No one knows exactly when Jesus will return, but He will return.

People must ask themselves what side they want to be on.

I believe people should tell Jesus that they want to be His friend and treat Him like one.

Healthy relationships are give and take. Find a church that follows the Bible, rather than one that seeks to change it,

I wish a happy Easter to all.

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