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Stop cruelty to animals

March 27, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to the letters “Horse options exist” (Feb. 25) and “Horses also precious” (March 1).

As sad as the issue of horse slaughter is, we should not allow food animals to suffer either.

Large producers inflict terrible suffering and inhumane slaughter with these animals. All animals deserve a humane death, no matter if we think they are a pet or food.

What people view as food is different all over the world. Dogs and cats are eaten in the Far East.

It is not a question of what we eat or view as a pet, but how we treat those animals.

Every one of them deserves to live and die humanely.

Factory farms and mass slaughterhouses do not even remotely provide a humane life or death.

Lab animals suffer due to the brands of cosmetics and cleaning products we buy.

Sixty million dogs are put to death in county/city facilities each year.

Due to man, the world is a cruel place for all animals, and we are to blame. However, we also can be the solution.

Research what companies do, buy responsibly, buy local, adopt a shelter pet.

Until we become responsible consumers, animal cruelty and inhumane slaughter will continue.